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Visa Support

For traveling to Uzbekistan you have to get the Tourist Visa in one of the Embassies or Consulates departments of Republic of Uzbekistan in foreign  countries.

Please find the addresses of diplomatic missions of Republic of Uzbekistan here

In case there is no Uzbek embassy in your country you can get Uzbekistan visa in one of the neighbor countries where Uzbekistan embassy is located or at the consular department of the Tashkent International Airport.

Tourist’s visas can be obtained only upon presenting an LOI ( Letter of Invitation), which our company issues after receiving approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Our Company can provide the Letter of Invitation (LOI) only after receiving the following documents and information from you:

  1. Passport copy (with all passport details)
  2. The stamped and signed Certificate of Employment with the information about official name of the company, its location (country, city) and your position in this company
  3. Country, where you will take the documents for getting visa


  • Students can send us the letter from the High School with the confirmation of educational establishment.
  • Retired are not obliged to present any documents concerning the social position.

Please be informed, that it takes 5-7 working days for getting the telex number (approval) from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You should apply the following documents to the consular department of Uzbek Embassy to obtain the visa:

  1. Visa support (invitation letter from Travel Company);
  2. Valid passport;
  3. Completed application form (please find here visa application form);
  4. 2 passport-size photo;
  5. Fee, payable on collection of visa;
  6. Stamped, self-addressed envelope, if applying by post;
  7. Evidence of purpose of visit.

Below you will find the list of countries which citizens can get the tourist visa directly without Invitation Letter at the consular department of the Uzbek embassies: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, France, Switzerland, Japan, USA.

The following tariffs of the consular fees for the Uzbek visas are set by the legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan:

а) for the single-entry visas:

– Within 7 days – 40 US $; – within 3 month – 80 US $;
– within 15 days – 50 US$; – within 6 month – 120 US$;
– within 30 – 60 US$; – within 1 year – 160 US $

Note: with each additional multiplicity of the visa the tariff increases in 10 US$.


  1. b) for multiple visas:
– Within 6 month – 150 US $; – within 1year – 250 US $.
  1. c) transit visas:
– Within 24 hrs – 20 US $; – within 72 hrs – 30 US $;
– within 48 hrs – 25 US $; – for the double-entry transit visa  – 40 US $.
  1. d) for the group visa

(with not less than 10 persons in group, excluding children younger than 16 year):

– within 15 days – 15 US $/person; – within 30 days – 25 US $/person.

There is a fee for visa extension:

-up to 24 hours – US$ 15; -up to 30 days – US$ 50.

Please note:

-There is visa free regime with Rumania and Slovakia for the service passport holders within 90 days of staying;

-Uzbekistan and Japan in the base of mutual foundation give visas without getting consular fees;

-Tourist Visa fee for USA & Israeli citizens: up to one month – US$ 120;

For the visa arrangement it is also possible to pay fees on account of compensation of the actual expenses. The tariff of those fees depends on the place of visa arrangement (regardless of citizenship of the applicant).

– Uzbek visas indicate not only the validity of the visa, but also the period of time a person is allowed to stay in Uzbekistan on a given trip. Therefore, it is important to indicate your intended period of stay when applying for your Uzbek visa.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan reserves the right to refuse issue of Uzbek visa to an applicant without explaining the reasons.

For applying for visa support please fill in the visa application form.

 Our company provides Visa support only on condition of package tour booking.

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