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Armenia is technically a trans – continental country. Geographically situated in the south portion of the Caucasus, it is often considered to be part of Central Asia. However, Armenia is European in terms of history, culture, and politics. Since Armenia lies on the arbitrary border between Central Asia and Europe, and shares elements of both cultures, it cannot be strictly interpreted as either European or Central Asian. Armenia is, in essence, the meeting of two worlds– and the best of both worlds.

Armenia: Historical monumets, Artifacts and other places to see.

Armenia not only dates back to the second millennium, but scientists have discovered artifacts here from as far back as the early Stone Age. Tours to Armenia highlight fascinating archeological excavations, which include well-preserved pre-historic rock engravings, rock paintings, and Stone Age tools and utensils. Caucasus travel tours also involve viewing beautifully ornate ancient temples, monuments and monasteries of Armenia, as well as intriguing ruins of its historic lost cities. As with several countries and republics in Caucasus, Armenia is the site of some of the very earliest settlements of human civilization.

History of Armenia. Armenia – Birthplace of Christianity. Religion.

Not only is Armenia the birthplace of Christianity, but it was the very first country to officially declare Christianity as its state religion. Armenia is actually referenced in the Holy Bible, and is the location of Mount Ararat, the mountain peak on which Noah’s ark came to rest after the Great Flood waters receded. According to Armenian historians and Armenian legend, Noah and his family settled in Armenia after the flood waters receded. Years later, one of Noah’s sons, Japheth, relocated the family clan to Babylon in the south. Eventually Babylon became corrupt, irreverent, and tyrannical, so Japheth’s descendant, Haik, decided to move the clan back to Armenia. The wicked ruler of Babylon, named Bel, chased Haik and they engaged in war. The good Haik defeated the wicked Bel, organized the first kingdom of Armenia, and became the first official Armenian ruler. There are many stories about Haik which demonstrate the fiercely free – spirited nature of Armenians, as well as the value Armenians place on freedom.

People of Armenia

The people of Armenia is known for its resilience, family devotion, family values, loyalty, and generosity to strangers. Their delicious cuisine is practically legendary, and they are known for warmly offering a seat at their table for foreigners traveling through the villages. Armenians are very pleasant-natured, hospitable people. They have managed to endure and survive great suffering and injustices, such as the genocidal attacks against them in the late eighteen hundreds and early nineteen hundreds. Their capacity for forgiveness and their strength of character is testimony to their predominantly Christian faith.

Mountains, forests, animals and birds of Armenia

The countryside of Armenia is stunningly picturesque. Here travelers to Caucasus discover beautiful scenery, such as vast meadows of spectacular, vibrantly colored wildflowers, panoramic mountain views, and lush virgin forests unspoiled by man. The woods and forests are alive not only with gorgeous flora, but also with many varieties of animals, including scores of Caucasus bird species. In fact Armenia is considered by tourists to be one of the best places in the world for bird-watching enthusiasts.

Other travel attractions of Armenia: Hiking, Biking, Skiing, Canoeing, Fossil hunting

Other favorite travel attractions of Armenia are hiking the trails and mountain – biking in the invigorating fresh mountain air. The snow-topped mountain peaks also provide excellent skiing and other winter activities. In addition, those who travel to Caucasus discover that Armenia is a wonderful location for canoeing in the cool waters of the rivers, and for horse – back riding. Don’t forget the excitement of authentic archeological excavations and fossil hunting, as well as sightseeing around the many famous historical monuments and beautiful ancient architecture.

Why travel to Armenia

This hidden delight of a country is an ancient land rich in history and Biblical significance. There is a wealth of wonderment contained here for every individual who travel to Armenia.

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