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Azerbaijan, an ancient land rich in natural resources as well as in historical, cultural and archeological wonders, is one of the oldest human settlements on earth. The name “Azerbaijan” means “Land of Fires”, which is a reference to the astashgehs, or eternal fires, and the centuries-old practice of local tribes, who had a long history of being fire-worshippers. Azerbaijan is situated in between Asia and Europe, and is bordered by the sapphire Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan Travel Guide: Must-see places and historical monumets.

There are literally thousands of stunning historical monuments, palaces, and mosques to be seen on a Azerbaijan travel. In addition, tours to Azerbaijan often include visits to the many must-see places such as ancient fortresses, cities and oases of Azerbaijan. Much of the region is full of massive snow-topped mountains dotted with beautiful glacier lakes. Along the sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea are situated numerous luxury resorts for the enjoyment of tourists.

Baku – the capital city

Baku, the largest cosmopolitan city in the region, is the capital city of Azerbaijan. Located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, Baku is the political, cultural, economic and scientific center of the country. Baku is an ancient city whose history can be traced back over fifty- five hundred years. Museums here house beautifully preserved precious ancient artifacts and historic relics. Another impressive and popular tourist site for travelers to Caucasus is Atashgeh, the ancient temple complex of fire-worshippers. Rivaling Atashgeh, in terms of excitement and popularity among tourists, is Yanardag, or “Blazing Mountain”, one of the many natural – gases – fueled eternal fires in Azerbaijan.

Great Silk Road and Azerbaijan

Various hot thermal springs can be found throughout the territory of Azerbaijan. This remarkable country is unique in Caucasus for having over a thousand mineral springs scattered throughout the region, as well as for having very rare, amazing oil spas. The oil spas consist of a distinctive kind of medicinal oil which is considered a very effective treatment for psoriasis, arthritis and rheumatism.

Patients by the thousands come from far and wide to the Azerbaijan city of Naftalan, where they sit up to their necks in these therapeutic oil baths. This oil has a long history of use in Caucasus, and is mentioned in the writings of the explorer Marco Polo. This medicinal oil was one of the many items traded along the famous Great Silk Road of Caucasus.

Oil of Azerbaijan

As a crude oil, Naftalan medicinal oil is too heavy for traditional export uses; however, Azerbaijan is also rich in traditional crude oil for export uses, thanks to its location bordering the Caspian Sea. As a matter of fact, crude oil from the Caspian Sea is the number one export of Azerbaijan.

Carpets of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is also famous for its beautiful, original, authentic carpets. In addition, Azerbaijan is regionally significant because of the modern, progressive energy projects it operates. Azerbaijan was actually the first country in Caucasus to explore the massive energy potential of the region.

Why travel to Azerbaijan

Global travelers would be hard-pressed to find a travel to Azerbaijan an interesting and unique on so many levels. It is just one of those rare and exciting places in the world that can only be fully appreciated on a live, in-person tour of Azerbaijan.


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