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Those who travel to Georgia discover a rich cultural heritage which is famous for its traditions of warm hospitality, legendary fine cuisine, and a Georgian alphabet entirely unique unto itself. Riverbeds wind through gently rolling emerald-green hills, which are dotted in spring with clumps of soft yellow and white flowers. This lovely landscape is backed by snow-tipped mountains.

History of Georgia

The history of Georgian civilization began around one thousand B.C. with the rise of the early Georgian states of Iberia and Colchis. The Renaissance or Golden Age of Georgian civilization occurred in the twelfth to early thirteenth century. During this period art, music, literature and theatre flourished.
As you tour Georgia on the shores of the Black Sea, you travel to a land of legends. Georgian history speaks of an ancient world of medieval kingdoms, gallant knights, and graceful maidens. Visitors who tour Georgia are reminded, by the architecture, art, and world-famous theater productions, of historic times when ladies of the Court wore bejeweled gowns and Georgian warriors went bravely into battle with knives and swords loudly clashing. Such richness of history makes travel to Georgia irresistible.

Location and population of Georgia

Georgia is situated in one of the oldest regions of the world, reaching back to prehistoric times. Located at an important crossroads where Europe meets Asia, Georgia is an ancient civilization with a very unique cultural heritage. Due to its strategic location, Georgia has a long history of subjugation by invading foreign empires. As a result, on the tour of Georgia one finds a population composed of a vibrant medley of Asian, European, Middle Eastern and Russian influence.

Georgian Alphabet

Yet the Georgian nation has not only endured, but has managed to successfully preserve its national identity. One of the best examples of this is the unique Georgian alphabet. The oldest known examples of writings using the ancient Georgia alphabet date back to around the beginning of the fifth century. The Georgian alphabet consists of 33 letters-five vowels and twenty-eight consonants. The writing runs horizontally from left to right. There are no upper and lower case letters; it is all one case. The letters are never connected at all, even when written in cursive.
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